THQ's WWF Royal Rumble is a game that was developed concurrently for release in the home and the arcades. The action is simple, and the roster is small, but with up to nine wrestlers in the ring at one time, expect all heck to break loose with shocking regularity. Royal Rumble features an Arcade Mode and a Versus Mode. Aspiring living room grapplers will get to select between entering the Royal Rumble or they can fight a loose singles match format in Exhibition mode.

In the Exhibition fights you get to select one wrestler and a partner who acts like a special attack. You whistle them in, and they'll help you by either landing their finisher on your opponent or they'll try other stuff like double team attacks, or in some cases, they'll even break up the pin. Action takes place in several different venues starting in the ring, then moving to other places like the boiler room, the parking lot and other environs typically attributed to the WWF's Hardcore matches. Outside interference is present in fully force as well. Expect to have to worry about small gangs of wrestlers zipping down to ringside and interfering with your Exhibition fights.

Royal Rumble also features a dynamic VMU animation while the game is running and statistic tracking like how many wins your wrestler has managed, how many times each wrestler is used and how much hurt your put on your pals. (All without lighting a table on fire in your backyard and getting power bombed through it! Imagine that!).

WWF Royal Rumble features more than 20 WWF superstars, including The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and Triple H. So if you think you're man enough to go one-on-one with the great ones, it's time to step up and take your beating. ~ Joe Ottoson, All Game Guide