Xtreme Sports

Game Boy Color

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  • Overall

    I know there are gamers out there who dislike the traditional sports game. For those who fit this category, Xtreme Sports is here to satisfy your needs. As if having skateboarding and skating on one cartridge wasn't enough for variety, Xtreme Sports offers a selection of other sports to choose from. From sky boarding to the street luge and even surfing, Xtreme Sports is anything but traditional.

    Be warned though, older players will not like the theme. Xtreme Sports has cute, cartoon-like characters and language designed to be "hip." While the childish theme can get nauseating at times, you'll soon be more concerned with learning all the different tricks to earn the maximum amount of points.

    In each of the sports you'll be able to play as a 16-year-old boy or girl. You're able to name one of the characters and use him or her for the competitions. The skateboarding mode will have you streaking down a half pipe and grinding rails while trying to get more points than anyone else. Surfing involves collecting stars and flags to gain points, which holds true for the street luge as well. Flags are spread apart throughout the level and you'll have to collect up to six of them.

    For the most part, all of the sports have the same format and end automatically, but in skateboarding you'll have to do as many tricks as possible and decide when to end your turn by going through the finish flag. Ending your turn early may help your score if you did rather well in a short period of time, but dragging it out to gain as many points as possible will cost you a victory.

    All of the sports together have 25 different courses and 400 medals to win. If you win all of them you'll also be able to go for an extra 20 hidden medals. Also, if you drink "Twitchy Shake" drinks you'll gain new moves. Another aspect of this game is the Bonus Mode in which you'll be able to win events and medals to unravel a mystery.

    Xtreme Sports is a game aimed at a teen audience that doesn't go for normal sports titles, but the variety of events should appeal to almost anyone. The characters and theme are definite weak points, but all in all Xtreme Sports is a solid game. Besides, how many Game Boy Colorgames let you surf, skateboard, sky board, luge, and rollerblade in one package? ~ Nick Woods, All Game Guide

  • Graphics

    The cartoon-style graphics seem to be Disney's interpretation of what teenagers look like. The game's visuals may not appeal to some, but the action is still enjoyable. ~ Nick Woods, All Game Guide

  • Sound

    The sound is rather average, with the music and sound effects complementing the skating and boarding adequately. Nothing about the sound is notable enough to comment on. ~ Nick Woods, All Game Guide

  • Enjoyment

    Xtreme Sports excels in this area because of all of the different sports to choose from. Plus each one has its own unique tricks that will take some effort to accomplish. ~ Nick Woods, All Game Guide

  • Replayability

    With five different events to choose from, you'll be playing this game over and over again just to master them. On top of that, when you get bored with the regular game mode, the bonus mode will allow you to unravel a mystery as well as get medals. ~ Nick Woods, All Game Guide

  • Documentation

    The 16-page booklet goes over each of the sporting events and talks about the different interactions of the characters. ~ Nick Woods, All Game Guide


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