Puzzle games require the player to use both skills and smarts to solve problems. They are often played using colored shapes or other simple on-screen objects, with a goal of piecing together patterns to clear the field and advance to the next stage. While many puzzle games feature cute characters or fantasy settings, such particulars are seldom crucial to the actual gameplay.

All games in Puzzle
Game Title Platform Release Date Score
Roadrunner [Prototype] Atari 5200 Cancelled -
Puyo Pop Fever [Canceled] Xbox Cancelled -
Zooo [Canceled] Game Boy Advance Cancelled -
Lucic [Canceled] Game Boy Cancelled -
Puchi Carat [Canceled] Game Boy Color Cancelled -
De Blob [Canceled] Nintendo DS Cancelled -
Escape From the Mindmaster [Prototype] ColecoVision Cancelled -
Chicken Hunter: Jewel of Darkness Nintendo DS Cancelled -
MelodyBloxx [PSP mini] PlayStation Portable Cancelled -
Clueless: The Game Nintendo DS Cancelled -
Mean Girls Nintendo DS Cancelled -
Echocrono PlayStation Portable Cancelled -
Baby's Day Out [Canceled] Sega Genesis Cancelled -
Pipe Mania [Xbox Live Arcade] [Canceled] Xbox 360 Cancelled -
Speed Coin [Canceled] Arcade Cancelled -
Out of Your Mind PC Cancelled -
Bad Day L.A. [Canceled] Xbox Cancelled -
Z-Quence [Canceled] Game Boy Color Cancelled -
Picture Puzzle Collection Nintendo DS Cancelled -
Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers [Canceled] Game Boy Advance Cancelled -
Mix TV Presents: Eminem [Canceled] PlayStation Cancelled -
Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity [Canceled] PC Cancelled -
Dr. Mario [Virtual Console] Wii Cancelled -
Jelly Belly Ballistic Beans PlayStation 2 Cancelled -
Denki Blocks [Canceled] Game Boy Color Cancelled -
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix PC Cancelled -
Roll-O-Rama [Canceled] Nintendo GameCube Cancelled -
A Boy and His Blob [Canceled] Nintendo DS Cancelled -
Mix TV Presents: Eminem [Canceled] PC Cancelled -
Jewels of Olympus Nintendo DS Cancelled -
Bejeweled [Canceled] Game Boy Advance Cancelled -
Pipe Mania [Canceled] Wii Cancelled -
Relic: Game of the Ancients [Canceled] PC Cancelled -
Ora [Canceled] PlayStation Portable Cancelled -
Puzzle Trouble [Canceled] Nintendo GameCube Cancelled -
A Boy and His Blob: Jelly's Cosmic Adventure [Canceled] Game Boy Advance Cancelled -
Runaway [Prototype] Arcade Cancelled -
Jewel Time Deluxe PC Cancelled -
Dark Light [Canceled] Game Boy Advance Cancelled -
Jewels of Sahara Nintendo DS Cancelled -

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