Our review team uses a ten-point scale to rate video games. While no game can be boiled down to a single number, this helps to give an overall idea of the reviewer’s final impressions.

10: No game is perfect, but games rated a ten are as close as you’re going to find. Again, though not flawless, it most likely is free from technical problems that could encumber the game. A ten rating means a high point in the gaming experience. Gaming Nirvana, if you will.

9: An amazing title that is strongly recommended to anyone. It may have a few minor flaws that stop it from being as good as a ten, but it is still a fantastic, stand-out title. The polish must be high and the overall gameplay must be fantastic.

8: A better-than-average title that has a lot going for it. Eights usually don't have any technical problems that prevent them from being played, even if they have small issues with camera or controls. An eight is given to a game that has its good points outweigh its bad ones by a large margin.

7-6: A fun and well made title with some noticeable detractors. These scores represent the average game. They may have some great ideas, but usually also have a few factors that hold them back from being considered above average.

5-4:Flawed but playable. Games that have a rating like this can be fun but usually have more problems than positive aspects.

3-2: Disappointingly, appallingly bad. Getting a three or two means that the game is just about unplayable. It has issues that are impossible to overlook and reeks of poor development and design.

1. Total and utter garbage. Getting a one means there is something horribly wrong on every level of the game. The absolute basement of gaming experiences, very few games are rated this low.


Buy It: May be self-explanatory, but this indicates a game that must be in your gaming library. Definitely worth every penny.

Try It: This designation is reserved for games that are worth playing, but might not necessarily be worth the price of ownership for everyone. Rent it, borrow it, or download the demo before shelling out any money.

Trash It: Not worth owning, not worth renting, not worth playing.