The Cybiko is a handheld personal organizer, wireless communicator, and games machine aimed at the teen market. Perhaps the most distinct aspect of the unit is that there is no software to purchase -- over 400 games and applications are available to download for free from

Introduced in May 2000, the original Cybiko sports a 160 x 100 gray scale screen, 11MHz 32-bit CPU, 1MB of memory, and a full keyboard that is typed on using a stylus. Communication between up to 3,000 units can be achieved at distances of 150-300 feet using the 900 MHz radio band. The Cybiko Xtreme, released in late 2001, features a smaller, sleeker design, changeable faceplates, 20MHz CPU, 2.5MB of memory, and a keyboard that can be typed on using your fingers (or thumbs) instead of a stylus. ~ Skyler Miller, All Game Guide


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