Epic Boobs: Episode 18 - 12.20.10

The Blizzard of '96.

by 00.19

Series Epic Boobs

Winter is good for two things: Christmas and snow. On today's show, we all reflect on that one time that snow proved to be too much for us loyal Pennsylvanians: 1996. Nick wasn't here because he was busy living in a van down by the river, so he doesn't really understand. However, Paul, Dom and I all have plenty to say about the snow that never ended. All I can say is I'll never eat tomato soup again.

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Starring Luke Brown, Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey, Dom Moschitti
Edited by Paul Ritchey
Title Sequence by Dom Moschitti and Paul Ritchey

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  • reenhanced_robert

    My dad was in the National Guard, so during the blizzard of '96, I went with him when the State of Emergency was declared. It was fun driving around in army vehicles rescuing people who decided they could go out driving in 6 feet of snow.

    This included a state trooper with chains on his rear wheels who they had to pull out of a snowbank. I think we watched a bunch of movies like Frankenstein and Leon the Professional, which were fairly new at the time. I also remember eating stew for about 4 days.

  • hangwire

    You guys totally forgot about the "ice in" of 1993 or 1994.

    I was living in Trenton, NJ and I remember high school midterms were canceled and no one could go anywhere for 3+ days because there was like 4 inches of solid ice on all the roads... The news would show snow plows just sliding sideways down the city highways... it was nuts, because snow you can at least get in a big ol truck and slowly make your way... ice shut it all down. I imagine that your nearby area also got hit with that???

    PS- If you have a brain, a dick, and a heart: how can you NOT like the Pixies?

    PPS- Milwaukee Brewers coming for ya Phillies... see you in the NLCS :^D

  • 00.19

    greinke is nice, but even with gallardo, they're no match for our front four.

  • Sean

    My parents were at Disney World with my brother and sister during the blizzard, so I was unable to throw the party of epic proportions that I had been planning. But we did manage to work our way through four boxes of wine.

    Also, Grienke is all well and good, but he can't pitch every day.

  • hangwire

    00.19 - no doubt Phillies has a great rotation, but don't forget we also traded for teh Blue Jays opening day starter earlier at the winter meetings, and Randy Wolf is not too shabby at #4... I'm just hoping for a healthy season finally :)

  • 00.19

    oh that's right, you guys got marcum. he's pretty decent. might fare better in the central than the AL east.

  • hangwire

    That's the hope. If these 2 teams do meet in the playoffs, I will be making a trip to the game and show my wife my hometown... Trenton is still an economically strong industrial manfufacturing presence, right?



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