Gamervision's Top Ten Games of 2010

The Ten Best 2010 Had To Offer.

by 00.19

2010 was another in a long line of great years for gaming. Picking a Game of the Year was difficult, but somehow we managed to find one game that stood out above all others. Here for you approval is our ten best games from 2010, and it all culminates in the appointment of our Game of the Year. Enjoy.

Written by Gamervision
Narration by Luke Brown
Edited by Tim Frisch
Effects and Overlays by Paul Ritchey

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  • Still Remain Forever
    Still Remain Forever

    I haven't played RDR. Does this game have a checkpoint in the middle of a mission, or do you have to get the mission again and start over incase you're dead ?

  • 00.19

    depends on the mission.

  • cancerdancer

    1) Confused how an expansion pack to a game that came out last decade is a game of the year.

    2)I can totally support RDR as game of the year. Best experience I've had all year on my PS3.

    3)Fuck Heavy Rain. The story is shit and the voice acting was horrendous. NAHMEN JAYDEN. Why do the parents of the murdered children have key evidence to a case that is still open and being fully investigated sitting around? Why are they willing to give this evidence to a complete stranger? So many red herrings, like when you are in the typewriter shop and you use the "check thoughts" button and all "he" thinks is "I wonder what's taking him so long". So yea, fuck Heavy Rain.

  • Raccoonacorn

    WoW expansion is on their because all of the content is tits.

  • Vinsanity

    Kinda cool list. Nice to see you guys highlighting some games that a million other sites snubbed. You guys are smaller; you can get away with - and should encourage - doing that. But once again, Ass Cree Bro, Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption tops lists while Castlevania, Bayonetta, Darksiders, Vanquish, Enslaved, Kirby's Epic Yarn, etc. get snubbed. Super, incredibly stupid. I'm so sick of people not giving those games their due just because poser, mainstream journalists didn't play them.

    Conversely, it was nice to see Heavy Rain and Valkyria Chronicles 2 on the list. I feel like a million other sites are snubbing the hell out of them too. And Super Mario for that matter, as well as Super Meat Boy. So it was nice to see them on your list here.

    God of War sucks though. It's just a prettier version of GOW2, which was a worse version of GOW1. Jeez laweez; go play Lords of Shadow instead!

  • 00.19


    having played Vanquish, Enslaved, and Darksiders (I didn't get a chance to play the others you list), I have to disagree that they are among the top of the year. Vanquish was all right, much more style over substance. Enslaved was intriguing, but lacked any real challenge, and I felt it didn't have the same heart that Heavenly Sword did. Darksiders was a great game, and it did make the short list when we were trying to pick the top ten, but it just didn't make the final cut.

    Like any list, this is all debatable, and I'm glad you guys both liked and disliked some of our choices.


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