Cliff Bleszinski's Next Game to Debut on Jimmy Fallon Next Week

Holy Wow!

by Coop

According to Jimmy Fallon himself, Cliff Bleszinski will be revealing his next game on Late Night next Thursday.

The word comes straight from Jimmy Fallon's Twitter, which states "Game designer Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) debuts his new game on Late Night next Thur. Set your TiVos! And your Xboxes." This comes out of nowhere, but it's still big news, and confirms that, if nothing else, the game is likely going to be released for the Xbox 360. Suppose this isn't the Gears of War 2 PS3 reveal people have been expecting for some time now, but it's wrong to count out the system entirely. There's no reason to think Epic won't release their next game on the PS3, especially considering the support they gave the system with Unreal Tournament 3.

We'll be sure to tune in for the reveal next Thursday. Odds are it will come with a trailer as well, since a random guy with a chainsaw-gun isn't something that would bring down the house on Late Night. If this is true, expect a full unveiling at E3 this year, and a release before the end of 2010. Why? Because Epic (and Jimmy Fallon's crew) wouldn't be promoting a game this far out - not on this level. Despite Fallon's attempts at treating the video game industry with as much respect as film and music, it's still a ways away from catching up when it comes to talk show status. Let's hope it goes well, since I could get used to seeing game designers on television.

So, what do you think it will be? Gears 3 seems to be the obvious choice, considering it's the most popular game. That said, a new IP with an interesting premise might be explosive enough for television. In just over a week we'll know for sure.

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  • 00.19

    wasn't there a rumor about gears 3 getting unveiled in April.... dun dun DUUUUUUUN!

  • sp8des


  • Hangman522

    The rumor about Gears was that it would be shown April 8, which is when his appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. And for anyone who thinks it will happen, Gears will always be Microsoft exclusive.

  • selly

    Gears of War 3 will be the most awesome news! That is something I will be looking for.


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