EyePet Delay Official

Will Not Make Holiday Release

by Coop

Apparently Gamestop and Amazon had a reason to move the launch date of EyePet back. We've confirmed with Sony that the title will, indeed, miss the holiday release in North America. Here's Sony's official response: 

"The North American territory has decided to take additional time to focus on the EyePet product and can confirm it will not be available this holiday. EyePet is an innovative and exciting new IP to the PS3 platform and SCEA marketing will spend additional time to continue educating consumers and retail channels, setting the table for a successful product launch. We will provide more details on an updated launch timeframe very soon"

As we reported yesterday, review copies have already been sent out to select outlets, making this move even more surprising. Some have pointed out that a push to April would make sense if Sony wants to align the adorable title with the Sony Motion Controller, which has recently been confirmed to support the EyePet. Is this part of the reason? It's a possibility, but it's likely not the only cause. As said in the quote, it's not the easiest game for Sony to sell, so it might be worth waiting until a less populated time of year to market the little thing to consumers.

We eagerly anticipate the "updated launch time-frame," and hope that it's as short of a delay as possible. We loved playing with the little guy at recent Sony events, and will greatly miss the opportunity to continue in the coming months. We'll keep you posted.

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  • Sarah

    Haha, I think that image says it all...

  • Sean

    Ouch... this really does seem like the kind of game that kids would have been begging for for Christmas, but now that it's getting pushed back, will most likely disappear.

  • Veggie Jackson
    Veggie Jackson

    I couldn't agree more, Sean. This one is very time-sensitive, and I think they've now blown their chances at success.

  • QMarc80

    Why would they delay a cute, cuddly, well... uh, thing like this? The more I see the video for it on my kiosk at work, the more I'm beginning to like the idea of playing with a virtual pet thingy. Oh well.


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