Gearbox Sneaks Stellar Diablo II Reference into Borderlands


by Coop

Gearbox has made their love of Diablo clear while working on Borderlands. They've straight-up said that they tried their best to copy the loot system, and the game can definitely be described as "Diablo with guns."

After playing through the game, it became obvious that they copied more than just the loot system, as seen in the image above...

The enemy's name is "Rakkinishu," an obvious reference to Diablo II's Rakanishu. Rakanishu, for those who don't know, is one of the first named enemies in Diablo II, found just inside the Cold Fields yelling his name like a Pokémon. Seeing this wandering beast made me smile, and now I can't wait to start the game again and look for more familiar faces (or names) on Pandora.

I'm sure there are more friends, foes, and weapons that will make anyone to ever do Mephisto runs smile ear to ear, anyone find anything?

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