Mario Party 8 (Wii)

Everyone Loves to Party!

by Coop

Game Mario Party 8

Platform Wii

Genre(s) Action

Name: Mario Party 8
Genre: Party
System: Nintendo Wii

Everyone loves parties and for nearly ten years Nintendo has been taking advantage of that with the Mario Party series. Each game has added slightly more to give players an excuse to look like an idiot and laugh like a moron as they make their way across the board game. The Wii remote gives players even more of an excuse, but how does it compare to the previous endeavors, more specifically Mario Party 7?

Graphically it is Mario Party 7. There are no visual improvements that I was able to see and it seems like they continued to use the same engine that they used for the last 7. Ok, Nintendo, you get this one for free. Next time it better be rebuilt or else I am going to be pissed.

I don’t feel the need to go too much into the mini games. If you played any of the other 7 Mario Party games you know what to expect. The Wii controls are not implemented with an iron fist and they do not come across feeling forced. Whenever you need to wag the remote at the screen there is a damn good reason for it and it is a lot of fun. There are plenty of games and each one is addicting enough to keep a party going. The game uses the board game setup just like its predecessors but this time adds its own flavor to the mix.

One specific board comes to mind as being particularly ingenious. The map looks like a city and the spaces are all on the sidewalk. The normal red, blue, and other colored blocks are placed just as expected. However, there are no star salesmen to be seen. Replacing them are, you guessed it (doubt you did) hotels! Each hotel can be invested in by any player, and whoever has the most coins invested gets that hotels stars. This brings nice strategy into the game because you can choose not only to fund a hotel more to try and overtake your opponents, but pull out funds to make the amount of stars they get for running it lower.

Another nice feature is the ability to play select minigames with your Miis. This feature is always fun as you can see in the video below. Either way, it is another welcome addition that hopefully will open the door for more Mii play.

Mario Party 8 is a solid game. If you have people to play with it is definitely worth the buy, if not it still might be worth picking up for the simple hope that you might eventually make some friends. Hell, maybe inviting them to a Mario Party is the way to do it.


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  • Sean

    Dancing Zoidberg! Yay!

  • Nikkita

    not only is he dancing, he's in overalls!!

  • Jack

    I have played previous Mario Party games and if I have some mates round I would much rather play a decent FPS multiplayer rather than a bunch of recycled mini games, most of my friends are 'hardcore' console gamers that play gears non stop on live so showing them this would embarrass me in all honesty, not my type of game at all

  • Coop

    Playing Gears non-stop on live doesn't make you a hardcore gamer, it makes you a college student.

  • Jack

    I'm not saying it does, but for a lot of my friends if a game is not rated 18 then it is childish and for babies, and if the entire game isn't either brown or grey then they are not interested (seriously, what is up with next gen games being brown or grey? even Twilight Princess is to an extent).

  • Coop

    I have noticed it as well. The world is truely full of color but developers are forgetting that.

  • Simpsfan

    Yay for the Mario Party! I like it, they also changed the One-Player Mode. It is ok.


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