Mirror's Edge Pure Time Trial Pack Trial Map Drops Tomorrow

Leave the City Behind

by Coop

Swinging back at this week's Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content for Fallout 3, the PlayStation Blog has updated with a video and information on a free time trial map for Mirror's Edge. Set in the fever dream of a heroin addict, one trial will be free for download tomorrow, and is just a part of the many upcoming additions to the game that PS3 owners can look forward to.

The rest, bundled in the on-the-nose named "Pure Time Trial Pack" will be out in February. You can read Mirror's Edge Producer Tom Farrer's blog here where he goes into a little more detail at exactly why these levels exist, and what to expect from the rest of them. Hopefully without the constraints of city walls DICE is able to push Mirror's Edge towards its full potential.

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  • 00.19

    can't wait. sucks that the rest of the maps are delayed, but ill take my free one tomorrow.


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