PAX 08: Castle Crashers Interview

When Fulp Speaks, We Listen

by Coop

Despite really enjoying Castle Crashers (Red Knight for the win!) I'm saddened by the game's lackluster online play. It's broken, and unless you find yourself in a perfect situation you aren't going to be able to get four players to join a game together online. I was shocked by this when the game was released, and so were the developers. They submitted it with no problems, no issues, and when reports started circulating about the game being broken they, well, shot diarrhea all over the place in confusion. Above is an interview I had with Tom Fulp, Newgrounds founder and game coder, where he talks about this, the game's inspiration, and more. 


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Castle Crashers – Xbox Live Arcade

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  • LionHeadTM

    I love tom fulp. How could you guess that a creator of a world ruled by stupid 10 year olds could be so attractive? AND live in the same state!!!! is he going to VGXPO?

  • Coop

    Wait, he's a philly guy? Cool!

  • PimpToast

    I played this game more than Mercenaries 2 (which I traded to gamestop for Viva Pinata 2) RED KNIGHT PWNZ!


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