Sam & Max: Season 2, Episode 203 -- "Night of the Raving Dead" (PC)

Superball! Nhreehhhhh!

by Coop

Name: Sam and Max 203: Night of the Raving Dead
Genre: Point and Click Adventure
Platform: Windows PC

As I have stated before: I love the Sam and Max series. Its quirky, silly humor and continuously humorous plot has always pulled me in and had me anxiously awaiting the next chapter in their story. Season two started off with a bang, sending the duo to the North Pole to fight a possessed Santa Claus. The next episode in the season also found them traveling the world, with a slightly less than-impressive outing to the Bermuda Triangle that left me a little disappointed. I waited for episode three, hoping the magic wasn’t lost.

Good news: it wasn’t. The third episode may even rival the first in its brilliance, and could be the best Sam and Max yet. The story starts with zombies invading Sam and Max’s block. In an attempt to stop the invasion, they travel to Stutgard to confront the zombie lord Jurgen. Jurgen is the pure definition of eurotrash, trying to follow the latest fashion trends to continue having control over his horde. His awful, disco themed castle looks like every rave you never wish you went to. There is even a sound machine that lets you press buttons in order to have a loudspeaker say terms like “Death” and “Sepulcher.”

The puzzles are all fun and can become quite difficult as the game progresses. More then one time I found myself clueless as to how to get out of a room or to defeat an enemy, having to try every available option before finally finding a solution. 

I’d love to go into the details about the plot and what makes this episode so funny, but to do that would be to spoil some of the amazing twists and turns. Other than that I would just be rattling off random character stories that, if you haven’t played the other games, would be meaningless. Plenty of characters and locations from those games are back, including the set to Midtown Cowboys, the head of Abraham Lincoln, and the zombie of Abraham Lincoln. Just trust me when I say that the game has a fantastic plot and some fun gameplay elements that result from it. I recommend the game wholeheartedly and if you haven’t played the new season of Sam and Max I suggest you spend the best thirty dollars you ever will.

I am excited for the next episode even more then I was for this one, and seeing as the developers have said that they want to tie together the episodes of this season more then the season before I wonder what they have up their sleeves. I look forward to seeing how Santa Claus, the Bermuda Triangle, and a trashy Vampire tie together in the grand scheme of things, and with the season moving along at the pace it is I am sure the outcome will be irreverent and amazing.


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  • TinyChinaDoll

    I lov'd Sam & Max in Dos for Win 95.
    Like, best text based game ever.. right under Day of the Tentacle.
    Totally have to buy this


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