Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 5 -- "Rise of the Pirate God" (PC)

An Epic, Silly Finale

by Coop

Gamers had waited years for a sequel to one of the most beloved series in adventure gaming, Monkey Island, and it had gotten to the point where it really seemed like it was an impossibility. When it was revealed that not only was it coming back, but it was going to land in the capable hands than Telltale Games, there was a massive amount of joy from the community, and with good cause. With the revival of Sam & Max, the developer was able to prove that they're the absolute best in the industry when it comes to episodic storytelling, something that they've reestablished with the first four chapters of Tales of Monkey Island. Unlike their last few games, each episode has built on the one before it, meaning the season finale is more important in this case than it is in any of the others. So far, they've done a stellar job at releasing some of the funniest point-and-click gaming experiences in years, but, as we all know, all good things must come to an end. The hope is, though, that the end is worth the journey, and thankfully Telltale has not let us down.

Even when compared to the episodes games in this series, it's literally impossible to speak on story details without giving away important information. That said, you're not reading this unless you've played the last few games, in which case you're going to buy the finale no matter what. In the small case that you haven't actually played them and, for some reason, thought it was a good idea to read a review of the last episode in the season, I'm going to ask that you stop. No, not because I'm going to spoil anything, but because you should go back and buy the damn series. The last reason you might be reading this is if you're checking to see if Telltale has managed to pull together a finale. Rest assured, they have pulled it off, and the ending episode is a wonderful conclusion to a stellar season.

Rise of the Pirate God
has some of the best writing in the season so far. Most of the storylines are tied up nicely, with a number of plot twists and shocking moments. Classic gameplay mechanics, like Fighting with Words, return for the first time in the series, and mix together with some wonderful new puzzles. The last battle is so incredibly epic that it blurs the line between puzzler and action, which is exactly what should be expected with a season finale. The ending is unexpected and wonderful, and sets up a second season very well. And, yeah, that's about all I can say without ruining Chapters 1-4.

The point is this: if you were interested in Tales of Monkey Island enough to play the last four games, you're crazy not to get the season finale. While not my favorite in the season, it is wonderful in its own right, and does not, by any means, disappoint. It's a hilarious, outrageous conclusion, and one that any fan of the series will appreciate completely. Hopefully, Telltale is able to keep the magic rolling into a second season, because this is only the beginning for Guybrush Threepwood, and I couldn't be any more excited for the future.

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  • slave2zeros

    I need to check these out now that I have Windows again. I always love a good Monkey Island adventure!

  • Dominic

    So more of the same and an epic ending? I'm into it!

  • InSaNeTwIg

    Finally a game that I am sort of interested in and don't have to upgrade my computer to play it!

  • JackBauer936

    I remember loading 8 floppy disks in my computer to play this game. I'm so old!


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