Top Ten Reasons Daisy is Better than Peach

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by Coop

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"But she's the original!" you're going to say, "she is Mario's love!" Listen, I'm not going to say either of those are wrong, that's not what I'm here to do. Princess Peach is all right, I suppose, if you're into that sort of thing. However, there's another Princess in the world, and she's currently in the shadow of the aforementioned Peach. It's Daisy, and she should be the star of every "Mario" game ever. Don't understand why? Here are ten reasons, whittled down from a list we've come up with that numbers in the hundreds of thousands, why Daisy is better than Peach.

10. She’s a Better Driver

Just ask anyone who has ever played a Mario Kart title. Daisy is simply a better character in Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii than Peach is, and there’s something to be said about a woman who knows how to put the pedal to the metal.

9.  She Has a Less Annoying Voice

Whenever Peach opens her mouth I want to jump into the Mushroom Kingdom and strangle the life out of her. She sounds like every old woman who pokes me with a cane in line at McDonald's, and that drives me up the wall. Daisy, on the other hand, sounds like she may have switched vocal cords with Joan Jett.

8. Orange Hair > Blondes

It's not red. It's not brown. It's orange, and that's pretty sweet.

7. There’s isn’t a Mediocre Game Based on Her

Super Princess Peach isn’t a bad game, per say, just not a good game. For her image, though, it was a big blow. It portrayed her as an emotional monster, and can't have left her feeling good about herself. All in all, Peach is zero for one when it comes to being the star. Daisy, on the other hand, has a flawless record. Completely and utterly flawless.

6. It Takes More than a Turtle to Take Her Down

When it comes down to it, Bowser is just a giant turtle. An angry, evil turtle, but a turtle nevertheless. Yet, for whatever reason, he's still able to crumble the Mushroom Kingdom on a daily basis (which we'll get into shortly), and kidnap Peach even more often. Meanwhile, the one time Daisy was taken, it was because of an alien named Tatanga. It took alien technology to actually kidnap Daisy, not some chump with a shell.

5. She Likes Flowers More than Gems

There are a lot of needy women out there. Some want chocolates, others want attention, and snobby, dumb ones want gems and diamonds. If you look at Peach's outfit, she's covered in them. Giant jewels, giant gems, millions of coins' worth of 'em. Meanwhile, Daisy is rocking flowers, which means you can just pluck a daisy on the way over and she'll be happy. There's something to be said about a low maintenance woman.


4. She’s a Tomboy

Ever since she was first introduced, Nintendo made it clear that Daisy was a tomboy. When it comes right down to it, that means she’s more interesting to talk to, and likely less distracted by things like ponies and rainbows. While Mario is dealing with Peach giggling and wearing pink, Daisy is sliding around in the mud like one of the guys. She's better in the sports games, too, so she'd likely be picked over Peach for a softball game.

3. She's Hotter 

Just look at them. At first, it would appear that they're similar, but that's not the case. Beyond having healthier looking skin, it's obvious that Daisy just has a better attitude, and she carries it well. It makes her much more attractive in general, and when it comes right down to it, there are few things more important than looks. 

2. She’s a Better Ruler

Think about it. Seriously, think about it. There has only been one game where her kingdom, Sarasaland, has been under attack, and it was a copycat crime to the assault on the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. Since then, there hasn’t been a problem worth mentioning, something that can’t be said about the land Peach rules over. Every other day something is going horribly wrong with the Mushroom Kingdom while Sarasaland’s monarchy remains in control. Sorry, Peach, you’re outmatched.

1.  She’s Probably Banging Waluigi.

And as we all know, Waluigi is awesome.

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  • Karoshi

    Only one REAL reason:

    DAT ASS.

  • OHaiMikeSadorf


    With my dick.

  • 00.19

    yeah daisy is teh sweet.

  • Coop

    Both of those images made me laugh.

    Also, search Princess Daisy on Google with safesearch on. Enjoy.

  • Sarah

    I've always liked Daisy better than Peach. Peach is that annoying girlfriend that all your guy friends have, and you wonder why they're dating her. THEY'RE ALL PEACH.

  • Sean

    I gotta go Peach. It's the hair and the dress. I'm a sucker for that look.

  • Karoshi

    I'm a sucker for gingers. 'Nuff said.

  • loltim

    I'm never quite sure what inspires you, Coop.

    But you are ALWAYS RIGHT!

  • Deadpool

    Peach has got the shoulder length gloves, and I rock that fetish. But Super Mario Land was one of my favorite Mario Games! DILEMMA!

  • Nikkita

    I will say as a brunette that i relate more to the gingers than the blondes.

    but peach does have a better haircut.

  • dance princess
    dance princess

    I totally disagree! In my opinion, Peach is better. Here is what I say about your reasons you think Daisy is better.

    10. I always win at Mario Kart when I'm playing Peach.

    9. Daisy's voice is annoying to me because she yells everything she says. Peach has a soft voice that doesn't give you a headache like Daisy.

    8. Daisy doesn't have orange hair.

    7. The reason they made a Super Princess Peach game is because Peach is brave enough to play the role. If she wasn't, they would've made Daisy play the role, but she didn't. She didn't fit the role.

    6. Daisy couldn't stand against Bowser, either. The only reason he kidnap Peach is because he is secretly in love with her. He couldn't possibly fall in love with Daisy.

    5. Daisy wears gems as well. Those aren't daisies.on her dress and crown. They are gems with white material around them making it look kinda like a daisy. I think it is tacky.

    4. Peach doesn't "get distracted by ponies and rainbows."
    Where did that come from? She is good at sports, and isn't afraid to het down 'n' dirty when she wants to.

    3. Daisy is NOT hotter. I'm a girl, so it feels awkward saying this, but Peach is hotter. If you look at Daisy's face closely, you'll kinda know what I'm talking about. Plus, Peach's attitude is more down to earth.

    2. It isn't Peach's fault her kingdom gets attacked. The reason her kingdom gets attacked is because her kingdom is so awesome, everyone is jealous and wants to take over and rule the wonderful place themselves.

    1. No, no, no. Waluigi is not awesome. As we all know, he is an ugly freak that walks weird and is a cry baby. Plus, Daisy is in love with Luigi.

    Here are my reasons I'm against that article, no offense. Peach ROX!! ;-)

  • Roxy_Luxury

    10. Daisy AND Baby Daisy are top tier characters in Mario Kart Wii.

    9. Peach's voice DOES give me a headache. It's fake, and one of those cutesy voices dumb girls make.

    8. Daisy does have orange hair as a stated fact.

    7. That's the only game Peach has gotten in her long run of a character and the only thing it proved is how dull and lifeless she is.

    6. Daisy beat up Bowser in one hit once.

    5. You think hers are tacky when Peach is wearing a gold encrusted brooch with blue jewels that don't even go along with her color scheme?

    4. Yes she is, she even cried like a baby in the Strikers games.

    3. If you look at Peach's face you'll see it is without definition and unique details like Daisy's large eyes with thick lashes and non pouty fakely rounded lips like Peach.

    2. What kind of excuse is that? Because it's awesome? More like because it's weak and defenseless.

    1. Waluigi could take Peach down, and as fugly as he is Peach is fuglier.

    My reasons against the Peach fangirl. Go paint some dollhouses girly girl

  • dance princess
    dance princess

    Ok, listen hear Roxy Luxury chic. I am NOT a girly girl, the user name is girly because its my FRIEND'S profile. And the only reason I'm standing up for Peach is because she doesn't have a giant ego like Daisy. And I don't give a crap what you think if you're going to insult me, especially since I'm only 11 using my older friend's profile. Plus, everyone has their own opinion. I posted that last comment months ago, and I haven't been as interested in Mario and other characters lately, so I could care less. :P


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