2008 RPG of the Year

Gamervision's 2008 "Best Ever" Awards

by Gamervision

If you haven’t played a role-playing game lately, you may be holding on to some old perceptions about this ever-changing genre. There was a time when it seemed like all RPGs featured leading men with impossibly-styled hair and belly shirts, were set in fantasy worlds, and followed a classic formula of story intertwined with turn-based fighting. However, 2008 has shown us that RPGs aren’t so traditional anymore. While remakes like Chrono Trigger allowed a new generation to fall in love with an old classic, The World Ends With You and Persona 4 showed that RPGs can take place in a modern setting with relatable characters and still be engaging. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice used silly, self-referential humor to enhance an addictive battle system for a solid SRPG experience. Action RPGs Fable II and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII ignored turn-based fighting entirely, while Valkyria Chronicles seamlessly blended RPG elements with those of strategy games and third-person shooters. Proving that traditional doesn’t mean bad, Lost Odyssey hit the 360 with a unique spin on turn-based fighting and a storyline worthy of the genre.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best years for role-playing games ever, but only one can be the Best Role-Playing Game Ever for 2008. A winner approaches. Command?



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  • Voyou San
    Voyou San

    P4!!! P4!!!

  • BananaSaur

    Probably the hardest choice to make thus far, way too many great RPG's this year, and I still need to play half of them. Good choice!

  • Sarah

    Agreed, these games are the reason that I'm so behind in my gaming. I can't wait to finish most of them next year.

  • Relayer71

    Not surprised this one won. Oblivion received the same amount of acclaim (hype?) in 2006. Bethesda's on a roll.

    On the fence about picking this one up though... I have the feeling the game will just turn out to be an enjoyable but all-too average experience like Oblivion was (sure it had great graphics and a huge open world with lots of quests but it still felt shallow compared to previous ES titles).

  • Voyou San
    Voyou San

    i couldnt get into oblivion, it bored me a bit so i stayed away from this title.. not sure, may pick this up one day on sale.

  • Riphade

    Easiest choice. Anyone who says differently CLEARLY knows nothing of gaming. Definitely the best choice in all "of the Year" awards.

    Agree 100%

  • selly

    I can not get enough of this game. I have neglected everything to play Fallout 3. I agree 100%

  • QMarc80

    I can see why.


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