Gamervision's Weekday Recap - 07.15.10

Indie Movies Have Never Been So Bloody

by Gamervision

What a day! In addition to some breaking news about exciting new games in development, we pumped out a few videos just for you guys. Have you ever wondered what God of War would be like as an indie movie? Of course you have! Don't worry, we answered all of your questions with our movie trailer. The Thursday installment of GBN has correspondents Coop and Dom debating the dickiness of Bobby Kotick, and some previews are still trickling in.

Tetris Table Is Not A Game Over
Tim Schafer Details Four Double Fine Games in Development
Rockstar San Diego Lays Off 40 Employees
Assassin's Creed Comic Announced
1 vs 100 Not Returning for a Third Season
The Social Network Movie Trailer
The Best Pokemon Wallpapers Ever
8-Bit Skateboarding Looks Dangerous
New Oddworld Games Confirmed

E3 10: Preview: Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Archetype (iPhone) Review

God of War Movie Trailer
Game Breaking News - 07.15.10

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