And Yet It Moves [WiiWare] (Wii)

Platform Puzzle Game… With a Twist (Literally).

by Geoff Morrison

Game And Yet It Moves [WiiWare]

Platform Wii

Genre(s) Puzzle

And Yet It Moves from Broken Rules is a clever platform puzzle game that will have you twisting your head, Wii controller, and brain in 360 degrees. Your head can do that, right?

And Yet It Moves

At its core, AYIM is a platformer. Where it gets interesting is many jumps and puzzles can only be completed by twisting the world around you. Press button 2 to jump, then press button 1 to pause the game. Now rotate your Wii controller, and the world spins around your avatar. It’s incredibly intuitive.

Early levels will teach you the basics, and it’s simple enough that you’ll start to get a little cocky.

But the difficulty ramps up quickly. Roaming black holes, fire, even bees become your enemy as you navigate each level. Your gravity controlling tricks sometimes affect other things in the world. You’ll need these to help with certain puzzles, like bats which always fly upwards and rocks that don’t.

And Yet It Moves

The world itself is unique. It looks like someone had drawn and/or pasted environments on construction paper, then ripped it up and threw it down. Think South Park but with more lifelike textures. Edges of the world are obstacles to be avoided, otherwise you’re gone. Cleverly, your avatar is just in black and white, and the save checkpoints are your avatar but in trace form. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in a game.

While it’s checkpoint save only, the checkpoints are after pretty much every tricky bit. In addition to the standard game mode (Journey), there’s also Time Trial, Limited Rotation, Speed Run, and Survival.

And Yet It Moves

With the Wii version, you rotate the controller, and are free to stop at any angle. The PC and Mac (and Linux!) versions are limited to 90 degree increment twists. This makes some puzzles harder, and some a little easier. More than once I got the Wii controller all twisted around and upside down. All in good fun, though. Challenging fun, but still fun.

Given its 1000 Wii Points price (or $10 on Steam), there’s a ton of game time here for very little money. For anyone looking for an interesting and different puzzle game, I highly recommend And Yet It Moves.

And Yet It Moves

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