Lair - PS3

Rogue Squadron With Dragons

by HeyKidNiceRobot

Lair Developer: Factor 5 Publisher: Sony CEA Genre: Action Console: PlayStation 3 Everything was in-line for Lair to be the next must-have PS3 title. Rouge Squadron developer Factor 5 had traded X-Wings for dragons, and Death Star runs for epic castle battles, and bad dialogue between rebels for bad dialogue between Asylians and the Mokai. Initially a launch title, its repeated delays should have been the first sign that everything wasn't right in the land of Lair. The most talked about feature for Lair was the full use of the SIXAXIS. The controls aren't abysmal, but they are far from complete. Chances are this is more Sony's fault than Factor 5's. There really hasn't been a good example of how the PS3's motion controls could be used, and each successive attempt just fails (eg. Motorstorm, Warhawk). The PS3 controller itself doesn't seem to be as sensitive as the Wii-mote, and it is so light that you frequently overcompensate your movements, sending you off in crazy directions. This could have been completely avoided if they would have included the ability to just play with the analog sticks. It took about 3- 4 missions before I really felt like I had the tilt controls down. The second part to the wonky controls is the targeting system. There is no cycling, it's totally random. If you are close enough to an enemy or object, it will illuminate with a white light. Pull the R2 trigger and it will turn red and you're locked on. This leads to some incredibly frustrating battles. Once you are successful in locking onto an enemy, you will be prompted to "fight" and a mini game will pop up. These can be cool, once you the hang of it. Your dragon can block, breathe fire, bite and claw at the enemy dragon. There are also some mini games where, with the right combination of buttons, your character will leap off your dragon, onto an enemy one, and take down the pilot by hand. These scenes really do add to the epic feel, when you can pull them off. Graphically, Lair is one of the best looking games I have ever seen. The high level of detail on the dragons and characters is amazing. The audio is great and sounds like it could have come from any of the Lord Of The Rings films. Gameplay wise, Lair is about as standard as it comes. Go here, do this, if you don't bad things will happen. This is the type of game that would benefit from some kind of open world environment. Despite having wonky controls, the world is so fully realized it would have been great to hop on and off your dragon, flying around. Lair is just one of those missed opportunities. A really cool idea with great screen shots and footage leading up to the release, that just doesn't live up to expectations. If you have a PS3, it is worth getting your hands on it at least once to check it out, but this is a huge miss for Sony, who is was counting on Lair to be one of their stand-out titles. This puts even more pressure on Heavenly Sword.
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    The difference between this game and Rogue Squadron is that Rogue Squadron was a launch title AND it rocked shop.


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