Warhawk - PS3

Warhawk Delivers; It Is Fast, Explosive And A Lot Of Fun To Play.

by Joe

Warhawk Developer: Sony CEA Publisher: Sony CEA Genre: Action/Multiplayer Console: PlayStation 3 “He just ran into the bunker. Jump into that plane and suppress him with rockets, force him up against the window and I’ll snipe him from across the gorge.” Conversations like these lead to victory, and very satisfying kills. You can certainly jump in, keep your mouth shut and rack up kills for your own personal satisfaction, but the game excels when you work as a team. Leading up to the release of Warhawk, I have to admit I was split. The gamer inside of me felt lackluster about the early screen shots and multiplayer-only aspect of the game. The PS3 owner inside me was quivering with excitement to add another disc to my minuscule library of titles. I’m happy to report that both sides are totally satisfied by the experience Warhawk delivers; it is fast, explosive and a lot of fun to play. The game looks incredible, with smooth transitions between combat on the ground and in the air. I never once encountered lags or frame rate issues. The maps are huge with plenty of variety in combat, that come in the forms of planes, tanks, jeeps, mounted machine guns and rocket launches, and personal weaponry. The included Jabra Bluetooth headset was a nice addition and helps justify paying $60 for a multiplayer-only game. This is one of the best games to play with a friend. There is nothing better than attacking on foot, hopping into a jeep and then tearing across the incredibly vast maps, to perform a flanking maneuver on an enemy base. Communication opens up a whole new sense of gameplay, unlike, say, Halo where the only reason for a headset is to let the entire room know how you slept with all their moms. Hilarious. As smooth as the transition is between ground combat and air, don't even attempt to use the awful SIXAXIS controls. They are almost entirely useless. Fortunately you can switch it to the analog sticks. There are lots of little details that make Warhawk an easy game to pick up and get lost in. the combat is very well balanced. The player on foot has just as good a chance of bringing down the guy in the plane, since rockets from the ground track much better than rockets from the air. The plane can boost away while the solider can utilize the environment for cover. The lack of a single-player campaign cuts a little deeper than just being able to play offline. The multiplayer in a game like Gears of War benefits by making the player feel like they are still fighting in the raging war that began in the single player missions. With Warhawk, you really don't have a sense of purpose. The collapsing cities and bombed out villages are highly detailed, but seem like nothing more than background props. The maps in Gears of War astonish because we really feel like we know what their world was like before this time of conflict. Another let down is the fact there is no party system, so you can follow your friends through multiple games. When a game ends, all the previous players jump to the next game, but if you want to leave a server, you have to hope your friend can quickly join your next game before it fills up. Hopefully Sony will be able to fix it with further firmware updates. Minor complaints aside, Warhawk is a lot of fun and very addictive. It delivers an endless amount of combat scenarios; much more than a "multiplayer" option in any other game. Even without a single player campaign, the game still feels complete. This goes without saying, if you own a PS3, you should already have gone out and bought it. RANKING: 8 out of 10
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  • Veggie Jackson
    Veggie Jackson

    Some of the most intense and satisfying online action I've ever experienced in a video game. Highly recommended for anyone with a PS3. There's finally a reason to own that thing!

  • slave2zeros

    The sky in that third screen shot looks absolutely amazing. Too bad I'll never play it, or at least not until PS3 has a reasonable price tag on it.

  • mikeyraw196

    Love this game. The best console multiplayer by far.


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