PS3 Move Bundle to Come in Two Sizes?

Rumor: Different Sizes for Different Prices

by Jonathan H. Cooper

A few weeks back, the Sony let slip the details on three different PlayStation Move bundles, assuring that everyone was able to jump into the second wind of this console generation, regardless of where they stood in terms of hardware. Gamers could pick up the controller by itself for $49, get it with a camera and game for $99, or purchase a system, game, and a camera for $399. The last option didn't get any details, at the time, leaving gamers guessing as to what size hard drive it might come with. We've been sent some more information from a source close to Sony that has not only details on the $399 version, but information on an unannounced $349 edition as well.

According to the source (who has, in the past, proven reliable), the $399 version will come with a 320GB hard drive. The $349 version, which may or may not launch at the same time, will come packed with 120GB of space. This goes right alone with previous rumors of the company replacing its 120GB systems with 320GB models, and might mean a $50 price drop for the 120GB PlayStation 3 systems in the near future. That, or they'll just be phased out entirely.

Currently, we have no idea when this might be officially unveiled, but as Move's release date rapidly approaches it would make sense for the console maker to announce it sooner, rather than later. Might as well strike while everyone's still reeling over Kinect's $150 price point, right?

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