Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (Nintendo DS)

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by Le3F

DQH: Rocket Slime is easily one of my favorite DS games of all time (next to any castlevania game). This is most noteably because of the game's sheer fun factor and addictive gameplay. DQH is possibly the best Dragon Quest spinnoff to grace any console.

The concept behind Rocket Slime is simple: get a bunch of monsters from the Dragon Quest franchise, give them all steampunk style mechs and then let them battle to the death. The true genious of the game comes in during the mech battles, instead of just firing a bunch of oversized shells at one another, you'll be tasked with suppliying said ammo. Getting ammo is, in my opinion, the most fun part of the entire game, inorder to get ammo for your mech you must infiltrate the enemy mech and steal thier ammo!! That's not all either, while in the enemy's base you can destroy whatever you wish in hopes of further incapacitating thier arsenal.

Now, the game isn't just about giant mech fights and stealing the enemy's resources, there are also a healthy dose of zelda-esque dungeons that you must traverse inorder to reach the mech battles. While usually fun, these stages can offer little challenge to anyone over the age of 12, which is not to say that all of you over the age of 12 shouldn't pick this game up; but its more like a fair warning.

In addition to its insanely awsome single player campaign, DQH also has local multiplayer so that you and a buddy can blow each other to pieces and then rob each other when one of you runs out of resources (aww....the joys of friendship).

All-and-all, DQH is an awsome single player experience that should be enjoyed by all DS owners young and old. Whether you're a Dragon Quest fan or not is totally irrellivant because I guarantee that this overlooked little title will have you coming back for more.

Till' next time T_T

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  • Coop

    Good review!

  • Le3F

    thanks man, I can't wait till the site has its posting option back so I can publish the others that I had in waiting


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