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I Warned You About The Dragon's Breath...

by loltim

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Sierra Entertainment was easily my favorite development company in the early 90's.  To me they were practically infallible, putting out nothing but great games throughout the duration of my formative years.  And none of those games affected me more than a little title called Quest for Glory.  

Quest for Glory was to quirk what King's Quest was to epic, and Myst was to mysterious. Also, what Leisure Suit Larry was to skeeve, but I think we've had enough analogies.  Much of what modern-day PC RPG gaming is can trace its lineage back to the Hero of Spielburg and his glorious quest.

Video games. Yeah, remember those? We here at Gamervision have some humorous anecdotes about playing our favorite games, and they may just be the best games that you’ve never even heard of. Join us for our stories of when we played these then, and why you should  Play This Now.

Starring Tim Frisch
Edited by Tim Frisch
Graphics by Joe Williams

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  • Field

    hahaha...this is great.

  • PimblyCharles

    omg, this was one of my favorite games when I was younger. In fact, it was my first adventure game on PC back in the day. The updated VGA version was what I played. I thought it was so cool when I finally got access to the Thieves guild as a thief. Such a great game for its time. Way better than any of the King's Quest games (In my opinion!) Awesome vid!

  • Vinsanity

    "You should play it on DOSBOX" - nice:)

    This was a cute feature. I'm not one for old school point-and-clickey titles; I need a moment to moment experience a little more involved. If I wanted to click-click-click, I'd play Mafia Wars.

    However, it looks fun. Nice art style, good sense of humor (always under-represented in games), and all that stuff. Nice job highlighting a good old game....hmmm, wonder if these titles are actually on


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