The MMO Show - Episode 8

The Last Episode About NOT-WoW

by MMO Show

Series The MMO Show


We here at the MMO Show labs are always striving to give you the best possible podcast experience. This is why every episode comes bundled with advanced undetectable data mining and geo-positioning software.  Every time you listen to our show on a computer or mobile device, we are able to track where you are, what you are doing, when you laugh, and how often you check your facebook.  

And with this invaluable information we've learned a few important things:


- You prefer witty banter over clever repartee.
- You like it when we talk about MMOs that AREN'T World of Warcraft for a change.
- You LOVE it when we talk about World of Warcraft.
- You hate Kevin.
- You love Mike.
- You love to hate Frank.
- Timmy tests well with males aged 10-14.
- Josh tests well with married females.
- We have a surprising number of listeners in Akron, Ohio.  AKRON IN DA HOUSE!!!!
- You were riveted to Frank and Timmy at each other's throats.
- You couldn't get enough of Danielle and her dead baby story.
- Everyone one of you turns up the volume when Kevin talks.
- But then half of you fast-forward until someone else talks.
- And finally only one of you "gets" every joke.

So with all that in mind, I present to you: the best episode ever. (I made it using science...) 

Part 1

Run Time - 41:40

Part 2

Run Time - 52:43

The Lord of the Rings Online


Music Courtesy of Five Iron Frenzy "Wizard Needs Food, Badly"

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                                                                              That's good shit.....

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  • Killingjoke

    Fuck you and your silly jokes Mike.

  • Inc

    As someone who has played Lotro Free to Play I want to explain something to you guys. Each and every one of those options that are available to purchase without micro-transactions. You can purchase them with Turbine Points which can be earned through questing and achievements or also purchased for IRL currency (given to pay members on a monthly basis). I am only level 20 so I don't know the extent of how many Turbine Points each option costs or how many Turbine Points you will earn throughout your LOTRO career.

  • Sansbeard

    Yeah Inc after recording this episode of the podcast, i had a chance to give lotro a go. Ive been trying to bring it back up, but all these assclowns ever want to talk about it wow. Thanks for listening!

    - Frank (The smartest man you know)

  • Inc

    Well I can understand that, wow is an amazing game. I would get back on BWL with them, dust off my lvl 70 shaman and 4 other 70's, but I think my wife would castrate me.

  • Inc

    If any of you guys are trying out LOTRO I created a minstrel on the Gladden server named Puuck in homage to my shaman (Field will know what I'm talking about)

  • Field

    I am going to download LOTRO tonight and try to find you, Inc. Also, you should come back to BWL and join The SepirothVegitas!!!!! Are you Hogger attuned?

  • Special Dlivry
    Special Dlivry

    ok. lotro is not about politics of america. everything is money. you get what you pay for...

    i don't understand why this is foreign.


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