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Today on the Dairy: Directors, Daleks and Daft Punk!

Cheese Nails - Bluughghghghhhhh

Some people believe that in order to discover what is "right", one has to rule out what is "wrong". So in the hopes of discovering what could possibly be "right" about these cheese nails (oh, hello there ravioli that I had for lunch and is now idling restlessly in my esophagus), allow me to rule out what is wrong.

Cheese nails imply:

  • Yellow - The yellowing of one's nails is usually the result of nicotine staining, fungi, chronic medical conditions and cheap nail polish. None of these things compliment cheese.
  • Holes - Psoriasis, lack of nutrients, working too hard in the garden. Once again, none of these things compliment cheese.
  • Tiny Mouse - With mice come parasites and feces. Feces!
  • Cheesiness - Not the kind of cheesiness you get from digging your nails into a block of cheddar. I'm talking about the stuff that comes off the little scraper on your clippers after wearing the same pair of socks and hiking boots for an entire summer.
  • Irony - It's not ironic, just gross. Plus, 2007 is not long enough to go to make this okay. Cheese nails in the dark ages however, well, that could be funny! Except that they'd probably be riddled with cheesy fungus anyway.
  • Effort - Originally I was going to add this to the "right" list, because hey, pure and honest effort is something worth redeeming. But then I realized she could have knitted a sweater and made some origami instead and got mad.

I'm going to go ahead and stop right here while my lunch is still contained. I can't make any good out of this bad, so let's just right this wrong and shun the woman for her blasphemy against cheese. How dare you?

[via Buzzfeed]


Meat Dress Takes A Special Breed Of Woman

After years and years of fighting to be more than just a piece of meat, this dress takes things to, well, another level. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no mood to spit my feminism nor do I feel a particular need. After all, there's a butcher shop in my closet along with every other woman's. Different cloths of different fabrics and cuts accentuate your different goods, so don't even tell me you didn't buy that pencil skirt because it's sensible. Admit it! Your rump looks good. So if you're brave enough to put it all out there, rump, rack, sirloin and all, then by all means, shake it like a Polaroid picture in a meat dress.

The Creme Cuts of Meat Dress is available for $62.00 from the imyourpresent Esty shop and and is made to order. You know, to perfectly fit your shanks.

By the way, I found this when searching for "Lady Gaga" on Etsy in the hopes of finding something truly... out there. Draw your own conclusions.


Film Eye Candy - Dueling Directors

It all started with this video.


Leandro Copperfield, film enthusiast extraordinaire, put the competing (and possibly equally awesome) directors Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers up against each other, next to each other, for an epic and immensely satisfying mashup.

In 10 days I watched again almost all movies of filmmakers (Quentin Tarantino & Joel and Ethan Coen), I selected more than 500 scenes, and had a hard work editing, leave a comment, tell me who your favorite, make top 5,...etc. Enjoy.

The success of Tarantino Vs. Coen Brothers super video paved the way for an even more classic match-up mashup: Kubrick Vs. Scorsese

25 days, 34 films, and 1 tribute.

Editor's note: Many friends after seeing my video "Tarantino vs Coen Brothers" requested me to do a new video duel of directors, so I decided to do now a tribute to my two favorite directors, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese, were 25 days re-watching 34 films, selected more than 500 scenes, and a hard work editing. Leave a comment, tell me who your favorite, suggest new duels.


I think I just had a cinematic overdose, and I don't mean like the "Perfect Day" scene in Trainspotting. We're going to need a couple of paper towels for all this drool I drooled. This napkin isn't cutting it.

Well played, Leandro. I'm going to think long and hard about who I want to see "duel" next.

[via TheDW]


The Hitchhiker's Guide To Daleks

Do you know what's really cute about this video? I mean, besides the obvious. This isn't the original cut. After YouTuber solidbronze launched the original version, it was met with so much care and enthusiasm that fans actually volunteered to donate their voices for a more authentic version and Peter Jones like feel. The results? Well, you can decide for yourself.


Yeah, definitely a good improvement. And thanks to everyone for proving that YouTube can sometimes be a friendly place!

[via LikeCool]


Daft Punk Beatbox - A Chance To Save Face

Last week, Japanese beatboxer Hikakin proved his geeky prowess by beatboxing the Super Mario Bros. theme. An impressive feat to say the least. I really didn't think it could get any better. And then it did. By someone else. With a violin. Rough, Hikakin. But what can I say? I love keeping it classical. But not as much as I love dancing robots. So to help save some face, I'm giving Hikakina another chance with his rendition of Daft Punk's "Harder, Faster, Stronger".

Suck it, Kanye!

[via TheAwesomer]


Changes At The Dairy

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for some changes.

The Dairy is undergoing a special transformation. It's no secret we're Gamervision's little sister over here, but we're going to be spending some more time with our big brother while waiting for the furniture to arrive and the paint to dry in our new "big kid's" room here on GV. In the meantime, Dairy articles/posts will continue going live, along with Gamervision's news, throughout the day on Gamervision. Yay!

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