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Today on the Dairy: Wolves, foxes and B roll!

Three Wolf Moon PJs


The Three Wolf Moon tee has claimed the status of being of a mystical and powerful descent, granting good fortune to all those who wear it. So just imagine what the pajamas would do for you. And because wolves and moons don't hold back, these PJs are indeed footie jammies with a drop down seat so you don't have to expose all that sexiness you're hiding underneath. Also, according to the site, the wolves have been known to come to life so be careful.

The Three Wolf Moon Pajamas are available from PajamaCity for $44.95.

[via BuzzFeed]


Leg Magnets


Yikes. This reminds me of... Well, I was going to give specific details but the Philadelphia Museum of Art website is being a jerkface and my eyes have still not caught up with my brain (or the other way around) so searching has been slightly unsuccessful, but the reference I was so cleverly going to make (and not so cleverly anymore) was that of what I believe (and am 99.9% sure because, hey, who else would do that?) was a Marcel Duchamp piece of a sink with waxy child legs sticking out of it. I mean, they looked like child legs. Then again, they were really hairy... Oh, those crazy surrealists. Anywho, this looks like that. Except that it clearly is not that. And it's especially not as vaulable as that. But hey, if you really need a man frozen in time into your refrigerator, then at least it's affordable.

Also, he doesn't have two left legs. Or right legs. Oh, curse you official website!  [ /smartpants]

The Magnetic Legs magnets are available from TheDesignTown for $16.95.

[via 7Gadgets]


We Got That B Roll!


Wait, but do they have... Oh, they do! They definitely got that B roll.




Those hot cocoa packets that people started putting together as Christmas treats are out and giant blocks of chocolate with a spoon stuck in them are in. And by giant I mean moderately sized for a cup of hot cocoa. It's definitely a more interesting presentation and while I would love to encourage you to buy one or 500 hundred for your friends and families, I have a hunch that this wouldn't be the most difficult snack to put together yourself, amirite? Oh, and if anyone plans on handing one off to me, don't be surprised if I forgo the milk and eat it myself. Mmmmmm, chocolate on a spoooooon.

Check out ChocolateCompany's Hotchocspoon here.

[via NOTCOT]


Russia Has Dogs, London Has Foxes


London Underground commuters were surprised to find that they'd be sharing a ride with a special four-legged furry creature. And we're not talking about no Russian train dogs here. This passenger was a straight up fox. A stone fox even.

These pictures were taken by shocked commuter Kate Arkless Gray, 29, at Walthamstow Central shortly after midnight on Saturday.

She watched in amazement as the fox first made his way down an escalator.

'As I got off the train I saw this daring creature dashing full speed down the down escalator, which was taped off for maintenance workers at the bottom,' she said.

'The workers at the bottom of the escalator shooed him back up again.

'He just paused near the top for a moment, so I scrabbled around my bag and took a couple of pictures.

Aw, poor thing was denied a ride. Probably because he was so handsome. Hopefully he was able to catch a cab home after he got bored of the station.

[via DailyMail]


Tee Time



Big bang theory, my breakfast! The gods were really just having an early morning snack.

The Milky Way tee is available from Threadless for $9.00 (was $18.00). Sale! Woo!

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