Rumor: 100 Bullets Game Back on Track?

Perhaps For a February 2009 Release?

by Sarah

At the Vertigo panel at New York Comic Con this weekend, Brian Azzarello spoke about the long-running and critically-acclaimed series 100 Bullets, which is coming to an end this year. What he didn’t mention, however, is that a video game adaptation of the series may be making its way to consoles early next year.

According to a GameStop insider, a 100 Bullets video game has been listed as upcoming for the PS3 and 360, with a February 2009 release date. A game based on the comic series was in the works several years ago, but was canceled before ever seeing the light of day. Maybe this time, the 100 Bullets game will actually make it to store shelves. We’ll be following this as it develops, so stay tuned to Gamervision for more news.

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  • Coop

    I remember hearing rumors of this game a while back, and was annoyed when I didn't hear anything after. It is kind of a strange concept, though. Not sure how the game transition would work.

  • Sean

    I love these books. Although I'm sad to see it ending, I'm psyched for a next-gen translation.

  • Makyo

    i'd love to see this given a really unique, noir-feel visual style. it would be a shame to let the great artwork from the comic go to waste with generic graphics.

  • Sarah

    I remember originally when this game was in production with Acclaim, they said that Brian Azzarello was going to be really hands-on with the title. I hope that's still the case.

  • loltim

    An edgy Max Payne-esque shooter like this could be just what the ps3 needs to win me over.


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