EA Confirms Development of SSX: Deadly Descents

It's Been a Long Time Coming...

by Sean

The last time gamers had a chance to play a wholly new SSX snowboarding game, it was on either the PS2, GameCube or the original Xbox. In the intervening years, there has been nothing short of an uproar from fans of the series for a new game, something to play on our HD consoles. Sure, 2007 saw the release of SSX: Blur for the Wii, but that really amounted to little more than a rehash of old tracks with added Wiimote support. In advance of the VGAs, the rumors started up in earnest that EA would be announcing a new game in the franchise, and now those rumors are confirmed.

The above trailer, which debuted during the VGAs, shows that the reinvented game is taking a bit of a darker turn than what we're used to seeing. According to a press release from EA, Deadly Descents will follow the story of a team of snowboarders seeking to conquer the most difficult mountains on Earth. The action will move from the thin air of the Himilayas to the solid ice ranges of Antarctica, where you'll have to follow a shaft of sunlight or risk freezing to death in the freezing shade conditions. Of course, since this is an SSX game, you're also going ot be on a quest for the best outfits. As the release claims, "[T]he first goal is to survive. The second... is to look good doing it."

According to Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, Deadly Descents will bring a global experience to the franchise, promising, "rich online experiences and [a] sense of adventure never before imagined on a snowboard." No hard release date has been given for the new snowboarding extravaganza, but there is the vague, "Next winter" claim made in the trailer. Let's hope EA brings something good to the table for a franchise that has been such a fan favorite, but has been out of rotation for so long.

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