Get Your First Look at Kratos in Mortal Kombat

A New Challenger Appears!

by Sean

This past weekend Spike TV held its annual Video Game Awards show, more commonly known as the VGAs. Among the host of new game announcements and first looks, we got the above trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, confirming the rumor that Kratos, the God of War himself, will in fact be included in the PS3 version of the game. As you can see, the trailer doesn't show a lot of his moves, but we do get to see that he will be bringing his trademark Blades of Chaos to the action.

This is clearly welcome news for anyone who is a fan of either (or both) franchise(s). Kratos' bad-ass attitude is a natural fit for the over-the-top fighting action that is a hallmark of the MK series, and who doesn't love a good crossover game? Now that Kratos is confirmed, I wonder how much longer until Warner Bros. and Netherrealm announce a 360 exclusive character.

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