Nintendo Dates Pokémon White and Black for North America

Thus Continuing the Never Ending Pursuit to Catch Em All

by Sean

Just when you thought you had caught them all... This morning, Nintendo announced that the first games in the fifth generation of core Pokémon games, Pokémon White and Pokémon Black will be making their North American debuts on March 6, 2011 on the DS. These are the same two titles that became the fastest selling Japanese games to reach the one million sales mark, a feat they accomplished before they were even released back in September.

The new titles will bring over 150 new catchable/trainable/lovable characters to the universe, with (naturally) each version of the game having its own handful of exclusive characters. The major difference between White and Black is that for the first time in the franchise's history, each version will have different areas to explore. White will introduce a lush green area known as the White Forest, while Black will be set in a metropolitan area called Black City. In another first for Pokémon games, each game will have changing seasons, which allow for not only different Pokémon appearing more frequently in some seasons, but also locking out certain areas during a specific season.

It's interesting to note that these games are coming to the DS, as opposed to the upcoming (and hugely marketed) 3DS. Granted, White and Black are really just ports of already existing (and hugely successful) Japanese games, but it does beg the question of how much longer Nintendo will continue to develop games for the standard DS, considering the huge investment they've made in its 3D counterpart.

For fans of the series: which is it going to be? White or Black? Or am I totally wrong in asking? Is the right answer both? Doesn't a true Poké-person (that's what you're called, right?) have an overwhelming need to catch them all?

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