Rumor: Steven King's Dark Tower to Get a Game

Seven Books Into One Game? I'm Not So Sure...

by Sean

If I can get personal for a second, in addition to being an avid gamer, I am a huge fan of the written word. My favorite series of books has got to be Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but a close second has to go to Stephen King's magnum opus, the Dark Tower series. Over the course of seven novels, King has crafted a world that is distinctly unique from his usual horror/gore fare, and in the character of Roland Deschain has created one of my favorite fictional characters. Last year, Ron Howard's production company, Imagine Entertainment, announced that they would be adapting the franchise into a pair of feature length films, with a television mini-series to follow. Today there comes word that there may also be a gaming element as well.

A report on Ain't It Cool News cites a source with "verifiable inside info" that the enterprise will include "a very ambitious game component... that will further utilize elements from the books". If this ultimately proves true, it is great news for fans of the books. I'm not 100% convinced that a pair of movies and a mini-series can accurately capture the scope of the Dark Tower's world, but adding a video game to the equation means more chances to tell the intricate stories.

Again, as far as the newsworthiness factor is concerned, this is still in the rumor phase. Bear in mind that the source is a website that is renowned for publishing any rumor that comes down the pike, so this may just be one more false story. While there isn't even an actual greenlight for production yet, all indications are that this project is going to go forward. It makes sense to develop a game along with the film and television aspects of the Dark Tower, and I, for one, hope this one becomes a reality.

[Via MTV Multiplayer]

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