Official Tron and Disney Epic Mickey Controllers Are Really Happening

Time To Change Your Pants, Luke

by The Daily Dairy

Series The Daily Dairy

Last week, Luke lost it over some Tron controllers that Coop spotted at E3. And for good reason. They were ridiculously sexy as hell. Well, at least to those of us who find all things Tron super salacious (not including the Tron guy, of course). Anyway, after Luke cried himself into a new pair of pants, we've finally gotten word that these controllers will soon be a reality.

The Official Tron controllers will be hitting store this fall (in time for the TRON: Evolution -The Video Game) for all three of the major console giants (Xbox, PS3 and Wii) for the suggested retail price of $49.99. Sure it's a little pricey for a third-party controller, but considering how sexy they are, it may be worth it.

This early Christmas present between Performance Designed Products (PDP) and Disney doesn't end with Tron. Disney Epic Mickey will also be getting it's own set of goodies to go along with, what I anticapte, the scariest thing to happen to kids since Return To Oz, releasing alongside the game on the Nintendo Wii. Said goodies include paintbrush Wiimote and Mickey vs. Phantom Bolt Wiimote charging station.


Once again with the "Night Of Bald Mountain" getting stuck in my head phenomena. I never realized just how scarred I was from watching Fantasia as a child... Oh, well. Bring on the nightmares Disney Epic Mickey.

It's nice to see what direction licensed gaming peripherals are taking to enhace the gamer's experience. Hopefully more companies will catch on (and keep it classy).


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  • 00.19

    after seeing these, and the new action figures, headphones, keyboards, mouse, and ipod dock, i'm pretty sure Tron is going to break my bank this year. more so than it already is anyway.

  • Sean

    Yeah, that keyboard will have to be mine.

  • Sarah

    The Wiimote charging station is just ridiculous.

  • nhance

    click click paintbrush!

  • Jonathan H. Cooper
    Jonathan H. Cooper

    The Wiimote station is win. Pure win.

  • Sean


  • QMarc80

    I'm right there with Luke on all of these products coming out that are Tron related. I see myself being more broke than I already am before the holidays even approach.


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