Pulse Of The Nation: A Map Of Our Twitter Moods

We're An Emotional Bunch

by The Daily Dairy

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It goes without saying that we're a moody bunch. So when you give us outlets like Facebook statuses and Twitter to express the faintest sliver of discontent or joy, hell, we're going to use it. A lot. Because we think people care when in reality, we're all pretty much yelling into the same black hole. But hey, at least someone cares enough about or never ending mood swings to actually gauge the mood of the country over the course of a day according to all the tweets twitted out into the twittosphere.

As described in the gigantic and fascinating poster here, the plots of the mood graph were calculated using over 300 million tweets. And while you, the Twit may have not been thinking twice about the value of your words and the intensity of your language, a group of researchers sure were, determining exactly where your mood at that given moment sat on the Pulse Of A Nation happy scale. The graphs of mood variations and weekly variations/trends were then translated and mapped as a cartogram, a map that alters in size depending on the density of participation.

In other words, California loves Twitter. Even if California isn't always happy.

Here are a few things I found incredibly interesting (and kind of confusing):

  • Delaware is the happiest of the East Coast. Now, being from the East Coast I guess this isn't that big of a surprise. We're kind of serious around here. But I thought we also had a lot of things to brag about. Isn't that the point of yelling random facts about yourself to the rest of the world? Maybe we're too good for that. But I also thought we were too good than to complain about Starbucks being out of egg bagels. Huh.
  • The Mid-West is really unhappy. I mean, that's not that much of a surprise. But damn, they really go all the way with being "red" states, don't they? Yet they still won't adapt to Communism. Huh.
  • California has plenty to complain about. Smog. Traffic. The Terminator being in office. Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton as threats to society. The impending doom of falling into the ocean. But in the end, California can get away with anything and they know it thanks to all the sun, sand and beautiful plastic people. However, this does confirm my suspicions that they're really a cult who will do and say anything to get you to join. "Oh, Nikkita! How do you not live in California? It's the best." Because you're starting to scare me! But uh, good for you, California. Or something.
  • Florida is an early bird. The moment I wake up is one of my least happiest parts of my day. That's a lie. The moment I get out of bed is. But Florida and the South in general don't really seem to mind the morning. Must be the unbearable heat and humidity that strikes after lunch so they might as well be grateful for something.

Where do you lie on the map? Do your mood waves follow Twitter trends too?

[via Buzzfeed]

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