Is it Wrong to Still Love Nintendo?

An introduction and a direct response to SoulScreme's blog

by The Eighth Sage

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ed, or TES, or The Eighth Sage, whatever you prefer. I do apologize for this rather terse blog as my first entry here, but I do believe this had to be said.


While navigating my way around the site, I came across this rather intensely written blog by SoulScreme battering Nintendo and their invention the Wii, using fairly colorful words that I will not repeat. Now I will try to counter this seemingly biased view on Nintendo's "next generation" console and the company as a whole.

 While I do agree with SoulScreme that Nintendo's games, especially in recent days, have reverted to a sort of motonony, I also understand that this is all part of Nintendo's "big plan" to extend their audiences and allow for a further ranged demographic. So of course we will see simplfied controls and game mechanics for gamers, whether they be old, young, new or hardcore, to easily adapt to the Wii. 

While on the subject of the Wii itself, let us also look at another drawing point of the Wii; the price. The Wii is by far the cheapest and therefore the most popular of the Big Three, which also enforces Nintendo's outlook on its business plan.

As for the games, Nintendo is deliberately family friendly, and purposefully tries to eliminate itself from the so called "Console Wars", because they care about what's truly important. And what's not important is how realistic the graphics are, how powerful the machine's horsepower is, how responsive and complex the controls are, or even how violent a game could skate by on an M rating and raise a lot of hell. The important thing is what every gamer wants at the end of the day, what every game developer intends for every game; a fun, entertaining experience. I believe a lot of you Sony and Microsoft fanboys(and girls!) have gotten so used to the gore and violence, so expectant of the so-real-its-unreal graphical packaging of a game, that you've forgotten the true essance of the game is just that, the game itself.


I am not trying to say that Nintendo is perfect. I am a Nintendo fanboy at heart because that is the system that I grew up on, as is the case with many gamers. However, that does not mean I condemn them simply because I am a fanboy of any console, even by just a little. Regardless of intentions, fanboyism does seem to play into who says what and why. Still, I have tried to remain as unbiased as possible, and though I do berate fans of other consoles just a little, perhaps it is an opinion that will reach otherwise deaf ears.



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  • Sean

    Eight Sage: good for you! Nintendo is still a great company, and the sales speak volumes.

  • matthew

    sales do speak volumes but that doesn't necessarily mean that the wii is good.

    enter the matrix any one?

  • The Eighth Sage
    The Eighth Sage

    I'm not saying that it's good, rather that hating a system simply because it doesn't appeal to you isn't justified.

  • SoulScreme

    Should I hate a system that does appeal to me? I think it not appealing to me and the reasons it doesn't appeal to me are the only reason to ever hate anything. To me Nintendo is betraying the creative nature of game creation. They are recycling creativity and marketing it. If they wanted to be bold they'd start a new franchise. Not show Mario into every game known to man. I hate them because they have to power to be better than they are.

  • Spacecowboy

    You can't really compare a game to an entire company matthew. ill agree with you that game blew so much and I was disappointed. Anyways, I had a rather dislike for the Wii, but when I tried it out, I said "Hey! This isn't bad." And I thought I would stay connected to my 360, I still am but thats not the point. Nintendo is still a very fine company, you just need to be patient with them.

  • sheena

    I think you couldn't have said it better tes! Hate is such a strong word and sometimes (giving time) becomes regrettable. I hope this becomes one of those times because I get so much enjoyment out of my Wii I'd hate for anyone to miss out :)

  • Sarah

    Awesome article! When the Wii came out I played it for six months straight while all of my other systems collected dust. In the last few months there has been less to play on it, I'll admit, but with Mario Galaxy, Trauma Center, and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (among others) coming out next week, you should be set well into the new year.

  • Makyo

    i was raised on nintendo and i feel a fierce loyalty to it. i am fortunate enough to also own a 360, but i dig my wii and ds because i have a drank-the-kool-aid, fanboy mentality. that being said, i recognize that the games released for the wii have been a bit less than ideal recently, but every system goes through a slump and a few dark months aren't enough to make me toss out a system i've loved. plus, when faced with something as scary as the red ring of death, isn't it nice to know that problems with your wii can *still* be fixed by just blowing air into the tray? :)

    (p.s. unrelated side-note... why isn't there a female equivalent of the term "fanboy"? is it cool for me to coin the term "fangirl" or should i just use it the same way we use the word "actor", i.e. applying to both guys and gals?)


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