Tommy and His Portable Gaming Device - 27

Week Twenty-Seven

by Tommy Comics

Tommy lives in a world that is overpopulated by super-powered heroes and super-powered villians. Due to the over abundance, almost every town in the country has their own superhero. Almost like state representatives, when the amount of superheroes began multiplying they were assigned areas of the country according to population. When a hero grows too old to fight he chooses a successor. Nobody outside of the actual heroes knows how the powers are granted or passed from hero to student. In Tommy's New England home town of Rustington, their hero is the known as the Hammerer. In Rustington, the Hammerer is idolized by the population. Every kid in the local schools wants to be him. And most of them pray they will someday be chosen by him as the next district superhero.

Here it is, week twenty-seven of Tommy and His Portable Gaming Device:

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  • Sean

    Ah.... a toucan. Unexpected.

  • J-Man

    Over-arching conspiracy? Interesting...

  • loltim

    haHA! I won the contest! Twocan ftw.


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