Goldeneye Multiplayer Maps Trailer

Who's Looking Forward to the Nineties Again?

by Veggie Jackson

I’ll be honest; I’m probably the worst person to write up the flavor text for this Goldeneye trailer.  I might be the only person in the Gamervision office who isn’t terribly excited about the upcoming Wii shooter.  I played the original a lot, but not obsessively, and have fond memories of four-player shootouts.  That said, the Wii rehash isn’t doing it for me.  I know that a lot of folks are pretty jazzed about reliving the battles they had back in 1997, though, so check out the trailer, which shows off several of the game’s multiplayer levels.  Then you can decide whether or not to read on, and find out why I don’t want to play Goldeneye.

The recent trend of remaking/remixing classic titles is one I’m actually a huge fan of.  These remakes work best, however, when they revisit genres that don’t get much attention anymore.  2D side-scrollers like Mega Man, and classic JRPGs are perfect examples.  Goldeneye is a first-person shooter.  For many players, it was the first FPS they ever experienced, but the FPS field is positively choked at this point, and for the 13 years since Goldeneye, publishers and developers have been advancing the genre both technologically and conceptually.  Going back to the archaic concepts and mechanics of Goldeneye seems like a huge step backwards.  Perhaps Nintendo has brought the game into the 21st century, but from everything I’ve seen, it looks like it’s still stuck in the 90s.

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