PSP Camera Won't Work With PSPGo

Neither Do Reason or Good Decision Making

by Veggie Jackson

There are a ton of people out there who turn up their noses at the PSPgo.  Many handheld gamers felt ripped off by the lack of a UMD drive, which rendered all their physical games useless with the new system, while others were turned off by the portable console’s flimsy feel.  Still others were dismayed to see the lack of support for PSP Minis, while most gamers just wondered why anyone would buy an overpriced piece of hardware with less functionality and a smaller screen than its predecessor.  The list goes on and on.  Apparently, Sony itself is on that list, as they’ve made yet another move that illustrates just how little they care about the PSPgo.

Later this year, EyePet PSP and Invizimals will be hitting American shores, and will come bundled with the PSP camera.  The camera, which has been available in Japan and Europe for years, only works with the pre-go PSPs, meaning that PSPgo owners will be S.O.L. when it comes to playing with virtual animals on a small screen.  Sid Shuman, Sony’s senior social media specialist, verified the problem, and basically said that there are no plans for a workaround; "No workaround that I know - the camera was designed for the pre-go models only. Maybe you can borrow a friend's?

Is it just me, or does it feel like Sony has washed their hands of the PSPgo?  Sony reps have made all sorts of backpedaling statements, like "It was introduced in a mature life cycle to learn more about what the consumer wanted and we've definitely learned a lot. Is that measured by success in sales? I don't think it is.  I expected consumers to utterly ignore the system from day one, but I didn’t expect the manufacturer to do it, too; at least not this quickly.

[Source - 1UP]

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  • loltim

    What's a PSPGo?

  • cancerdancer

    It's a condition when you PSPGo back to the store and return the piece of crap.


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