Reminder: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo Tomorrow

Pre-Orders Galore

by Veggie Jackson

This week's PlayStation Store Update will include a little something extra: mind-blowing gratuitous violence.  The demo for Sony's next entry in the God of War series, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, arrives as part of tomorrow's update.  So, probably some gratuitous sex, too.

The sixth entry overall in the franchise and the second on the PSP, Ghost of Sparta will explore the origins of Katos, as well as his early days as the Greek God of War.  It will also feature new weapons and magical abilities, and 25% more gameplay than its PSP predecessor.

Sony also wants to remind us that pre-ordering the game before November 2 will get you six pre-order specials.  PSP Go owners will have to wait until after November 2, for some reason, presumably because Sony still keeps the PSP Go department squarely up their ass.

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