Rumor: Sonic Adventure Coming to XBLA

The Only Good Sonic Games Are In the Past

by Veggie Jackson

Xbox 360 owners have waited an entire console generation for a decent Sonic the Hedgehog title on their favorite console, and have so far been rewarded with a slew of misguided Olympic games, tennis games, and kart racers, two God-awful 3D Sonic adventures, and a few Genesis ports.  If, a Dutch fan site, is to be believed, Xbox 360 owners may finally be getting the 3D Sonic they’ve always wanted…in the form of yet another port.

With my complete lack of understanding of the Dutch language, and translation sites’ surprisingly feeble understanding of it, it’s extremely tough to understand exactly what the site is saying, but it looks like in addition to the image shown above, which is pretty self-explanatory, they’ve also discovered an Australian ratings board classification for a multi-platform re-release of Sonic Adventure, the classic Dreamcast 3D Sonic game.  It also appears that they are expecting the game to surface some time this year.

A re-release of one of the best Sonic games ever would be fantastic.  If Sega were to give the game a new coat of HD paint, that would be even better.  If the picture above is to be believed, it appears that the game will be free, which is the height of awesomeness. 

Due to the language issues, and the lack of corroborating evidence, we still have to look at this as a rumor, but that screenshot looks pretty real to me.  We shall see.

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  • Sarah

    I never played Sonic Adventure, but I might get it if it comes to XBLA. If the price is right.

  • Deadpool

    Sonic Adventure is sonic gameplay mixed with somewhat shaky adventure gameplay, but it's well worth your time.

  • Karoshi

    Sonic Adventure reminds me of that Norm Macdonald bit (paraphrasing): "Winter Olympics have you run for a while and then . . . you fish."

    Also, it's "Free" because it's showing up on the debug kit/press version of Xbox Live, PartnerNet.


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