Teaser Trailer for Next BioWare Project

I Don't Know What It's For, But It's a MASSively EFFECTive Trailer

by Veggie Jackson

BioWare has unveiled the first look at an upcoming, unannounced title that will be officially revealed at Spike’s VGA “Awards.”  Though BioWare hasn’t announced anything about the game, there are multiple elements of the teaser that hint towards a new title set in the Mass Effect universe.

While we’re not quite ready to declare that this is Mass Effect 3, forum posters on Kotaku have found several indications that we’re looking at a Mass Effect game of some sort.   First off, the BioWare Twitter and Facebook pages both show digital barcodes that translate to 55.84, the atomic mass of iron, and -128.5, the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth in fahrenheit.  The Mass Effect Wiki lists the planet Aequitas as the “Home to the famous Iron Canyons," with “reddish iron oxide dust (hematite) covering much of its surface” and a surface temperature of -89 celius; that’s -128.5 fahrenheit.  Moreover, the gun that the soldier is holding looks identical to the M-29 Incisor sniper rifle, a DLC weapon from Mass Effect 2.

While some have speculated that this will be some sort of prequel to the Mass Effect saga, the M-29 Incisor seemingly makes this impossible.  The Incisor is listed as “one of a new wave of military and police sniper rifles,” meaning it shouldn’t have been around before the events of the first Mass Effect.

Personally, I’m pretty comfortable with the conclusion that this is, indeed, a Mass Effect game, but there are still plenty of questions to be answered on December 11; Will Sheperd be involved?  Will any other established characters be invoved?  Is this a proper sequel, or more of a spin-off?  If it is a spin-off, will it be more of a straight shooter, or stick to BioWare’s traditional RPG formula?  And why is Vinnie Jones in it?

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