Zynga Buys Words With Friends Developer, NewToy

And the Evil Spreads...

by Veggie Jackson

It’s easy for hardcore gamers to hate Farmville.  The insanely popular Facebook app takes everything that hardcore gamers like about gaming and ignores it completely, offering the most casual, passive gaming experience of any popular game in memory.  It’s owners, Zynga, with their corporate philosophies of “Be Evil,” and “Originality is bad,” are just as easy to despise.  Words With Friends, however, is much less hate-able.  In fact, for many hardcore gamers, the online Scrabble clone–inspired title is an irreplaceable way to game socially while on-the-go.  So how do we feel about Zynga buying up Words With Friends developers, NewToy?  Conflicted.

At a press conference today, Zynga’s Senior Vice President of Mobile, David Ko, announced that they have acquired the Texas-based NewToy for an undisclosed amount.  The studio will be renamed “Zynga With Friends,” and will be headed by NewToy co-founder, Paul Bettner.

Paul and his brother, Dave Bettner, have come a long way since being laid off from Ensemble Studios back in 2008, and I’m happy to see them get their pay day for a game that people love.  I just wish that it wasn’t coming from the evil empire that is Zynga.  Their philosophy towards games is, in my opinion, insulting to gamers and people in general, and will end up doing far more harm than good to the gaming industry, overall.  Perhaps Bettner will be able to independently lead Zynga With Friends to make some respectable mobile games, but it’s more likely he’ll just end up making a bunch of  (blank)-Villes for our phones.

[Source - Joystiq]

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